About Me


Hi, I’m Fe. Some Organised Chaos is where I write about all the things that are important to me: books, films, mental health and whatever else strikes my fancy. Updates are every Tuesday and Friday…probably.

I’m currently an Apprentice Librarian Assistant at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, a job which involves a surprising amount of Mills & Boon. When I’m not at work or reading, I enjoy writing YA fantasy, pretending to know things about film and theatre and enthusing about dogs.

You can email me at someorganisedchaos@gmail.com. I’m always willing to accept review requests, from either authors or readers.

You can find me on Twitter @ChaosSome and on Tumblr. Feel free to contact me on either, even just to say hi! (Please say hi.) I also have an Instagram, if you want to see pictures of the books I’m reading, the tea I’m drinking and sometimes also my face.


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