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I had an actual blog post about the links between music and writing planned and half-written…and then this happened.

(I’m assuming that everyone’s familiar with the ‘justgirlythings’ meme?)








I’m trying to be much more open about my mental health, hence…whatever this is. I think it’s so important to talk about the problems we have to abolish the stigma around mental illnesses and make sure that people aren’t afraid or embarrassed to get the help that they need.

I remember reading something once that argued that you don’t blame someone who has broken their leg. You don’t tell them they’re making up how much it hurts. And if they need to take painkillers to alleviate the pain a little then that’s not shameful at all. Why is it any different with mental health?

While in theory I subscribe to this entirely, I still find it incredibly difficult to talk about my mental health face to face with people, even those closest to me – often especially those people. But I’m working to change that, and I hope anyone else who also suffers feels that they can do the same.

So yes, I have anxiety, I have depression, and I’m currently getting help for other problems I haven’t got a name for yet. I have mood swings, hallucinations and psychotic episodes, and those are things I have to learn to deal with. But with the right support and a maybe a little help from medication I can live a normal, productive and healthy life. I’m still learning how, but aren’t we all learning really?


2 thoughts on “#justanxietythings”

  1. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I spend most of my time in depression and trying to relate to people who don’t “get it” is like trying to fight off a lion with a teddy bear in your hand. Thankfully my girlfriend “gets it”, but she only gets part of it beacuse I only show part of it. If I were to go into detail about how I feel everyday she would probably not understand. Suicide is real threat. But people can’t get their heads around that.

    Keep reaching out and jumping outside the box. I don’t know how else to erase the stigma. We suffer alone together. My, you must be a circus with all the wild things going on in your head. I hope that medication will allow you to live a “normal” life. May it be full of sunshine and joy and rainbows.

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